I am so glad you are here. No matter what has brought you here—whether your life has been a roller coaster ride, a long and bumpy road, or smooth sailing—I hope you will find something in these pages to inspire you to embrace life fully.  To embrace your life—no one else’s.  

Wholehearted living is not about wishing for a different life; it’s about fully investing in your own life—the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It’s not about having the perfect life (or pretending to on social media); it’s about getting to the heart of who you are and loving it.  It’s not about doing things halfheartedly because you “have” to; it’s about doing things wholeheartedly because you get to—this is your one unique chance to experience your particular life.  

So, if you’re in excruciating pain, let yourself howl.  Crushing sadness?  Bawl your eyes out.  And laugh loud and long whenever and wherever you want.  Wholehearted living is about experiencing life as it is. Living through it—rather than trying to go around, under, or above it. 

This website, The Art of Wholehearted Living, is here to meet you where you are and inspire you to go where you want to go, do what you want to do, and above all to be who you are meant to be:  100% YOU.  I hope we can go forth together, living from the inside out.  Living from our hearts.


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