What time are the live-virtual sessions?

6:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time

What are the dates of the live-virtual sessions?

January 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

February 6 and 11

Do I have to attend the live-virtual sessions?

No. (But I hope you will!)

You can still participate in the Break Through to a Whole New You! Challenge by joining our online Wholehearted Wellness Community and practicing daily with the videos.

Do I have to practice before breakfast?

No. (But I hope you will!)

If you cannot practice in the morning before breakfast, choose a time that you can (and will!) practice every day. Block it off in your schedule. Practicing at the same time each day increases the odds that you will meet the Challenge.

Can I eat before practicing?

Yes, BUT… do not practice for at least one hour after eating.

Can I practice at night?

Yes, BUT…because this is going to be an energizing set, it is best to practice earlier in the day. It is not recommended to practice close to bedtime; leave plenty of time to unwind.

Why 40 days?

The idea that it takes 21 days to create a new habit is a myth. The truth is that most people who make new year’s resolutions give up within the first 21 days. This does not mean that all people who make it past 21 days sustain their changes. Some quit on day 22. So is 40 days the magic number?

Not exactly. According to yogic wisdom, committing to a kriya (yoga set) and/or meditation for 40 days will change a pattern. It is said that it stimulates the the subconscious mind to release thoughts and emotional patterns that hold you back AND plants the seed for a new pattern to emerge.

What if I’ve never done yoga?

Beginners are welcome! Be sure to check with your trusted healthcare practitioner before beginning any new exercise program.

When practicing yoga, the first rule of thumb is to listen to and honor your body. Always modify postures as needed.

What if I can’t sit still or quiet my mind for meditation?

You’re in luck! The meditation will be practicing is an active meditation which involves movement and mantra.