What is Wholehearted Yoga + Meditation?

Wholehearted Yoga is Dawn Marie’s unique blend of breath work, yogic practices, and meditation. With kundalini at its core, Wholehearted Yoga may also include hatha asanas, yoga nidra, and laughter yoga. In addition, Dawn Marie incorporates essential oils into her Wholehearted Yoga practice to enhance the mind, body, spirit connection.

More than just an eclectic yoga mix, Wholehearted Yoga is an approach to yoga. The wholehearted approach means practicing yoga with sincerity and enthusiasm. Sometimes, people “do yoga” because they think they should, but their hearts aren’t really in it. It’s like a chore. They do it half-heartedly. In contrast, people who practice yoga with a heartfelt desire to cultivate a connection between mind, body, and spirit are practicing Wholehearted Yoga. It doesn’t matter what type of yoga you do or how skilled you are; if you practice with devotion, you are practicing Wholehearted Yoga.

Wholehearted Yoga energizes the body, enlightens the mind, and elevates the spirit! It is yoga for all of you.

Dawn Marie is a KRI-Certified Yoga Instructor and a Registered Yoga Teacher (200) with Yoga Alliance.

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