Sat Kriya Demystified

In kundalini yoga, Sat Kriya is often considered both a kriya (synergistic exercise series) and a meditation. It is deemed a foundational practice because it works on all levels of your being—body, mind, and spirit.

On a physical level–

The rhythmic contraction and relaxation of Sat Kriya produces waves of energy that circulate, energize, and heal the body. It is excellent for digestive troubles, toning the nervous system, and calming emotional disarray. The entire sexual system is stimulated and strengthened. All the inner organs receive a gentle massage, and the heart gets stronger from the rhythmic blood pressure changes generated from pumping the Navel Point.

On a mental/emotional level–

Sat Kriya is excellent for transcending fears (which are associated with the first chakra); relaxing many sexual phobias (associated with second chakra); and strengthening inner authority (associated with the third chakra).

On an energetic level–

Sat Kriya balances the energies of the lower triangle of chakras by mixing prana and apana at the navel center. It opens the inner channels to an upward flow and rotation of energy.

As a meditation, Sat Kriya focuses on the seed mantra, Sat Nam (rhymes with “but mom”). Like a seed, there is immense potency in this “tiny” mantra. From it, great things can grow. It is said to purify your being. Sat Nam can be translated as “Truth is my identity” or “Truth is my essence,” so when we practice Sat Kriya we are meditating on Truth with a capital T. We are identifying ourselves with Truth.

Practice Tips

  • Avoid lifting the shoulders.
  • Keep the spine straight and steady.
  • Keep a steady rhythm.
  • Keep an even tone of voice.
  • Relax for at least as long as you practice Sat Kriya (e.g. 3 min./3 min.), ideally twice as long (3 min. practice/6 min. relaxation)
  • To end: remember to inhale, apply Root Lock, and squeeze the muscles tightly all the way up past the shoulders. Exhale and hold the breath out while applying Root Lock, Diaphragm Lock, and Neck Lock. Inhale and relax.
  • Sat Kriya can be performed in Rock Pose, Celibate Pose, or Easy Pose. When done in Easy Pose, the effects will not be as precise or strong.

Leveling Up

If you have not taken drugs or have cleared them from your system, you may practice Sat Kriya with palms flat against each other, all fingers pointing up. This enhances the effect.

A Sat Kriya practice can be built from 3 to 31 minutes daily (plus equal time relaxing).

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