Kitchen Kick-start


Want to eat healthier foods? There is no better place to start than your kitchen. I will help you identify foods in your kitchen that are life-promoting and life-depleting. I will also arm you with tools and tips to make healthy substitutions and smart shopping trips. This is a personalized way to kick-start better health and wholehearted living.


Do you want to improve your health and vitality?  The quickest way to get started is in your kitchen with this 75-minute personal consultation (in-person or virtually).  Dawn Marie will help you identify foods in your pantry and refrigerator that may be depleting your health and vitality.  She will give you a crash course in traffic light eating, label reading, and food additives.  Then, Dawn Marie will equip you with tools you can use to up-level your food choices so you can stock your kitchen with foods that promote optimal health and vitality.  Drawing on her wellness wisdom and gentle guidance, you will leave this session feeling empowered to make healthier food choices without guilt, shame, or deprivation.  If you’re ready to eat well and be well, sign up for your Kitchen Kick-start today!

What’s Included?

  • Learn and implement “traffic light eating” guidelines
  • Label Reading 101:  Learn how to decipher “Nutrition Facts” and “Ingredients” on packaged foods
  • Avoid Additives:  Review which common food additives are better left out of your kitchen
  • Identify foods in your cupboards and refrigerator that you want to up-level
  • Learn how to make healthy substitutions to pack more power in your meals
  • Generate a personal “smart shopping” list