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Baking Banana Muffins

Here’s an Instagram reel I posted after baking banana muffins the other day. These muffins are simple to make, super tasty, and healthier than most store-bought versions.

(Sorry, when I downloaded the reel from Instagram, the music didn’t transfer.)

Why are they healthier?

They have more protein and fiber than an average muffin, so they’ll give you lasting energy without the blood sugar spike (and crash). Plus, they are only sweetened with bananas, so no added sugars! If you are used to super-sweet versions, these might not seem sweet enough to you. Make sure to use very overripe bananas. (You can use 4 small/medium bananas instead of 3 large ones.) Also, the avocado oil is a healthy, monounsaturated fat rich in antioxidants and oleic acid (more on its health benefits here).

So, bake a batch of these beautiful banana muffins to enjoy for breakfast or as a hearty snack. (They also make a great lunchbox treat that you can feel good about!) And, even though you might want to eat them all yourself, they are great for sharing! Your gluten-free and vegan friends will love you. Enjoy!

Here’s a link to the original recipe, which I adapted.

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