Keep On Movin’

If I had to sum up what life is all about in one word (thankfully I don’t!), I’d choose movement.  Think about it:  if we’re not moving, we’re dead.  Even if we hold very still, we’re moving. We’re breathing.  Even when we hold our breath, we’re moving.  Our hearts are beating.  And if your mind is anything like mine, it’s in perpetual motion.  Not to mention the billions of cells and microorganisms in our bodies that are constantly on the move.  Life is movement.  So how can we embody this idea to make our lives more fulfilling?

The answers are infinite, but I’ll give you my one simple answer:  keep on moving.  It’s the very foundation of wholehearted living.  It prevents us from getting stuck.  Our lives become more vibrant when we consciously move our minds, bodies, and spirits.  Movement promotes life; stagnation depletes life.  Where in your life might some movement inch you toward embracing life more fully?  

Anyone else here have a virtual chatterbox in their heads?  Mine never quits.  She runs through what I should do, should’ve done, should’ve said, should say, and on and on. “Shoulding” all over me.  So, I have found that when I move towards slowing down, towards quieting my mind (with meditation), I am able to embrace life more fully.  On the other hand, I find that mental exercise (e.g. brain teasers) lights up my brain in the morning and helps me focus.  What about you?  What move might you make today to rest your mind?  Or perhaps expand or ignite it?

I’m naturally inclined to read, write, watch Netflix — to sedentary activities (at least that’s the story my mind keeps telling me), so I am making concerted efforts to add more physical activity to my life.  Walking has become my current easy, go-to exercise.  Movement + nature = JOY for me (once I get out there)!  But, maybe you are one of the few who are constantly active, and moving towards stillness would help you embrace life more fully.  You know you.  How might moving your body differently help you feel more alive?

And your spirit.  Is it stagnating?  Perhaps you don’t even know because you’ve lost touch with it.  Or, you may be one of the lucky ones who feels your spirit constantly moving within and through you (if so, please share your story in our Facebook community).  Either way, let’s consider what might help keep our spirits moving.  A deep conversation, reading something inspirational, a sound bath?  I think I’ll go outside tonight and stare up at the night sky.  Feel free to join me. 

While this idea, that life is movement, is simple, it is the backbone of wholehearted living.  So, stay tuned because I plan to share the “moves” that I find most helpful—for body, mind, and spirit.  In the meantime, keep on movin‘. 

(And yes, I did watch way too many Brady Bunch reruns as a kid! Watch “Keep On Movin'” here.)

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